TribalFitt is based on our successful 3Fitt Wellness Platform that utilizes the “Power of 3” to simplify health and wellness for communities and corporations. While the “Power of 3” philosophy is applicable to communities of all sizes and cultures, there are specific aspects of each wellness foundation that are unique to each community. With TribalFitt, you have the ability to adapt our successful program to specifically support your Native American Community.

TribalFitt has created a specialized community well-being program for Native American communities that is both simple and effective, supporting long-term, actionable positive health and wellness habits.


The philosophy of TribalFitt is based on the Power of 3. The human brain finds it easier to grasp information in threes better than any other number, hence the Latin phrase Omne Trium Perfectum: everything that is three is perfect, or every set of three is complete.

TribalFitt’s easy-to-use Power of 3 approach divides health and wellness for your community into 3 foundations: fitness, family, and finance. Each offers powerful tools and programs that support long-term well-being initiatives.

TribalFitt Native American Wellbeing Platform's Power of Three Icon
Fitness Tracking Program for Native American Communities


Encourage your community members to make—and keep—healthy fitness and nutrition habits. TribalFitt helps members take small, effective steps toward health and well-being with manageable, sustainable changes. TribalFitt helps your community create and sustain a healthier lifestyle by offering bite-sized challenges, exercise videos, nutrition and activity tracking, device integration, condition management, online courses, and more.


Family, community, and culture are a huge part of a healthy life. This portion of TribalFitt is designed to support your community with social and emotional tools such as online courses, daily health modules, and challenges. These include programs that help support mental, spiritual, and emotional health, relationships, community, and personal growth.


TribalFitt knows that finances play a large role in communities’ overall health and wellness, and can impact physical and emotional health. That’s why TribalFitt includes financial health programs that help your community members strengthen their financial confidence. With financial tools and resources such as assessments, educational webinars, and coaching, participants can improve financial knowledge to support more confident financial decisions.


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